5 Tips for Copywriters Who Want to Stay Relevant

Keeping yourself and your writing relevant is the only way to ensure success. Good advice!


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Copywriters have been telling brand stories to engage and persuade customers since the 1800s when the first ad agencies and full-time copywriters emerged. And ever since that protozoic age, marketing content was written by folks on the business side while editorial content has been by journalists. The church-and-state divide between the two sought to preserve the notion that editorial was uncorrupted by business interests.

How times have changed. Today’s content industry, valued at $44 billion by the Custom Content Council in April, has embraced a 360-newsroom approach to 24/7 content and social. As such, it has produced a rising demand for a new kind of creative writing talent: the copywriter as journalist.

The content in question may be created on behalf of brands, but increasingly former reporters are the people being sought out by publishers, agencies and marketers.  Simply Googling “journalists and content” provides interesting insight into the…

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About Elizabeth James

I am a creative and sale-focused copywriter who uses the power of the written word to help companies attract new business, encourage repeat business and enhance the value of their current service. I achieve this by creating content that is engaging, personalized, educational and, above all, sale-driven. . I write with one sole purpose: to motivate action. Whether your purpose to close a sale or to encourage someone to sign up for a newsletter, the techniques used to motivate the reader are the same. A letter can be beautifully crafted, but if your reader doesn't relate to the content or it doesn’t create urgency, than it’s no more effective than a Hallmark card. The power of the written word has unlimited potential to motivate and inspire. Harnessing that power will result in increased lead generation, higher closing rates and more inbound queries.
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