10 Reasons to Hire a Professsional Copywriter

If you need written copy for any reason, to help generate sales (a sales letter, RFP or telemarketing script), to enforce brand credibility (blogs, articles, advertisements), or showcase company accomplishments (Press releases, annual reports, white papers), than you need to consider a professional copywriter to get the job done right.  If you’ve perused the rest of my blog and still aren’t convinced that you need to hire a professional, let me give you 10 good reasons why hiring a professional copywriter can be invaluable to your business.

1. Persuasive sales writing is a beast like no other.

You want your written material to increase your business right? Sales are key to the success of any business. Anyone can write a letter, and it might even sound professional. But does it persuade the reader that your company offers a service that they simply can’t live without? Does is create a sense of urgency so that they are properly motivated to take immediate action and not put off the decision? The best copywriting isn’t just informative and fact driven, although that is part of successful copywriting. Persuasive copywriting provides value to the reader. It is entertaining, informative, factual, positions you as expert, builds trust, makes you relatable, makes the reader feel understood, stirs emotion, convinces the reader that you have a service that will improve their quality of life, all while creating a sense of urgency. An affective sales letter accomplishes all of this and more. Selling to people through words can be extremely effective when done properly. But it requires an entirely different set of skills than face-to-face sales. When you need sales material, don’t take any risks. Hire a professional copywriter who knows the craft of persuasive copywriting. It can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make!

2. An outside copywriter gives you a fresh set of eyes

If you task one of your staff to write your material they will no doubt approach the subject from the same perspective they were trained to have. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes it helps to get a fresh set of opinions from someone who does not live and breathe your company mission statement. A copywriter can give you that fresh perspective.

3. Creative advertising is worthless if it doesn’t get seen.

A good headline can make or break your advertising campaign. Whether you are trying to get someone to open an email or click on your online advertisement, you need a headline that is attention grabbing and intriguing. Studies show that 80% of online browsers merely read the headlines and never bother to dig any further. A good copywriting can help increase your click-through rate, dramatically improving your chances of closing a sale.

How could you possibly know everything you need to know about current marketing trends AND run your business? Hire someone whose first priority is to keep up with current trends and marketing techniques. A good copywriter will make you look like a business and marketing ninja!

How could you possibly know everything you need to know about current marketing trends AND run your business? Hire someone whose first priority is to keep up with current trends and marketing techniques. A good copywriter will make you look like a business and marketing ninja!

4. Are you current on all the last writing styles and trends?

What type of written material does your business need? Blog updates, press releases, training manuals, sales presentations, annual reports? Each platform has its own unique set of style guidelines and formats that need to be followed. Rather that producing writing that will seem unprofessional to anyone in the “know”, allow a knowledgeable copywriter to do the job for you. It’s a copywriter’s job to stay up-to-date on the latest writing styles and trends! They enjoy it!

5. You don’t like wasting money, do you?

Professional copywriting is a very specialized skill. With all the things that you have to worry about as a successful business owner, you can’t be expected to create professional grade written copy as well. Unless one of your staff has copywriting training, it’s not reasonable to expect professional results from them either. But a professional copywriter knows how to craft sales letters, RFPs, sales presentations, telemarketing scripts and any other sales-driven copy that will help generate leads, encourage repeat business and ultimate increase your revenue. Investing in a quality copywriter might seem like an unnecessary expense at first, but any company that has successfully implemented a written copy sales strategy will tell you that it will save you time and money in the long run, and ultimately pay for itself.

6. Copywriters know how to build brand credibilityBrandInvestment

It doesn’t matter whether your ultimate is goal is to generate sales or build brand loyalty. Copywriters know how to build your brand credibility and position you as the best in your business and a leader in your field. They know how connect with your reader on a personal level. So when a potential client has questions, they will turn to you first as their trusted adviser. A good copywriter knows that, ultimately, writing is about building trust and establishing credibility. It takes skill to pull this off without meeting face to face. But a rock-star copywriter knows how to use mere words to establish your authority and expertise.

7. K.I.S.S.

Gone are the days of long winded copywriting. It was originally thought to attract readers by proving expertise and elitism. But studies have shown that the most effective copywriting uses simple English and cuts to the chase. Copywriters know the tricks to keeping copy simple yet interesting to the average reader. You might think it makes you sound credible to spout of industry lingo and tech words. Or maybe you’re so entrenched in your industry that you don’t even know that you sound like you’re speaking another language. But either way, it can be a huge turn-off to a reader. A good copywriter knows how to present technical or complex concepts in simple, easy to understand terms that will attract potential customers rather than repel them.

8. Copywriters can set you apart from the competition

Don't be the only kid on block with armature content! Hire a professional copywriter who can produce professional, relevant content that will set you apart from the competition.

Don’t be the only kid on block with armature content! Hire a professional copywriter who can produce professional, relevant content that will set you apart from the competition.

When you are competing with a dozen other businesses who do the exact same thing as you, you need a copywriter who knows how to set you apart from your competition. Powerful copywriters know how to gently steer a reader into seeing the unique value that your company has to offer to them personally. A many times it has less to do with the actual service provided and more to do with how they relate to your brand. Quality copywriting will have the reader wondering how they ever lived so long without the services of your company. While it is important showcase your company’s successes and achievements, it’s even more important to show the reader what makes your company unique. Without sounding negative or putting anyone else down, good copy will subtly allow the read to see that your company offers a valuable solution to a problem that they might not have even realized they had. But now that they realize the problem, if your copy is written effectively, the reader will see no need to look elsewhere for a solution. They will consider you to be the leader on the subject and a trusted adviser who they can depend on to add value to their lives.

9. Instant brand loyalty. Just add words.

While top-notch customer service and quality products are typically responsible for repeat business and brand loyalty, don’t under estimate the impact persuasive copywriting. A skilled copywriter can create brand loyalty with a customer before the sale is even closed. Quality copywriting allows the reader to see their full potential in life. A good copywriter can paint a beautiful picture of limitless possibilities and joyful experiences. They will encourage the reader to imagine how good life could be – and your company can help make it all possible. A skilled copywriter knows how to gentle tug on the readers heart strings without sounding over the top or too good to be true. The best copywriting establishes a personal connection with the reader. That connection is achieved when the reader believes that you relate to them. You understand the problems they are having. Hey, you’ve even had the same problems yourself. That’s why you are sharing this information with them. You want to help them achieve a better life. By associating your company with the readers ultimate dream life, you become synonymous with happiness and success. Instant brand loyalty. Sound tricky? Think it would be tough to accomplish all of that with just words? You’re right, it is! That’s why you should hire a professional copywriter!

10. Copywriters are single minded.

A copywriter has one sole focus. To create high quality, well crafted, persuasive writing typerthat motivates the reader and positions you as a leader in your industry. If you try to in-source this important responsibility, you risk compromising the full potential of what your writing could accomplish. It’s our job as the “specialist” to know all the ins and outs of copywriting. How to best position your company. How to motivate your reader. How to be persuasive but not pushy. All of this can be achieved by hiring a professional. Writing might seem like something anyone can do. But successful, persuasive copywriting can only be achieved through training, experience and trial and error. Lucky for you, most of us have already been through the trial and error. Let us do the heavy lifting for you! As a business owner, there are too many other important things that demand your attention. Hire someone* who knows the ropes and can produce tangible, noticeable results for your company!

If you want someone who can increase your revenue by attracting new business, encouraging repeat business and enhancing the value of your current service, a professional copywriter is the “Write Way” to go!

Ps. I’m going to throw in this one additional tip – If you do decide to write your own copy, against all sound and logical advice, hire a professional to proofread and edit. Not only will it help ensure that all you material is error-free and grammatically correct, going back to #2. A fresh set of eyes and a new perspective can be invaluable.

*I’m available. Maybe you should consider hiring me! For a quote or to get more details… CLICK HERE

About Elizabeth James

I am a creative and sale-focused copywriter who uses the power of the written word to help companies attract new business, encourage repeat business and enhance the value of their current service. I achieve this by creating content that is engaging, personalized, educational and, above all, sale-driven. . I write with one sole purpose: to motivate action. Whether your purpose to close a sale or to encourage someone to sign up for a newsletter, the techniques used to motivate the reader are the same. A letter can be beautifully crafted, but if your reader doesn't relate to the content or it doesn’t create urgency, than it’s no more effective than a Hallmark card. The power of the written word has unlimited potential to motivate and inspire. Harnessing that power will result in increased lead generation, higher closing rates and more inbound queries.
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