Cover Letter

I am a creative and sale-focused copywriter who uses the power of the written word to help companies attract new business, encourage repeat business and enhance the value of their current service. I achieve this by creating content that is engaging, captivating, educational and, above all, sale-driven. My past experience as a B2B sales engineer gives me a desirable advantage over my competition. I’m more than just a mere letter writer. My writing serves one purpose: to motivate action. This can only be accomplished by successfully creating a sense of urgency while establishing your company’s credibility. I can position you as a leader in your industry who can provide value to your clients. Showcasing the benefits of your service and creating a sense of desire and urgency are key components to persuasive copywriting. Providing content that is personalized and relevant to your readers will help position you as a trusted adviser. So when your potential customers have questions, or need a solution to their problem, they will think to turn to you first. A letter can be beautifully crafted, but if your reader doesn’t relate to the content or it doesn’t create urgency, than it’s no more effective than a Hallmark card. The power of the written word has unlimited potential to motivate and inspire. Harnessing that power will result in increased lead generation, higher closing rates and more inbound queries.

I offer my clients a variety of services, including sales letters, websites content and landing pages, blogging, article writing, email campaigns, newsletters, product descriptions, technical writing, training manuals and editing. I have created multiple websites from the ground up and have been published in nationwide magazines, including Digital Photo Pro. As a sales engineer for a multi-national technology company, I had the opportunity to write dozens of technical RFP’s, case studies, sales presentations, quick-start guides and training material. I also taught dozens of multi-day training seminars. I have a knack for explaining extremely technical concepts to laypeople in a clear and concise manner.

My training and qualifications are wide and varied. In 2003 I graduated college with a BA in Screenwriting, Magna cum Laude. Afterwards, I continued my education at the California School of Culinary Arts, Le Cordon Bleu, where I specialized in healthy, vegetarian cuisine. In 2013 I enrolled in the UCLA Writer’s Program, which I’m still attending. I am also currently enrolled in AWAI’s Accelerated Copywriting Program. Additionally, I am a certified yoga instructor and an accomplished competitive sailor and snowboarded, qualifying in 2010 for the National Woman’s BoarderX Championships for Women 30-40.

For a more complete presentation of my skills and background, I encourage you to visit my website, There you will find my portfolio, client testimonials, and a more in-depth description of my available services.

Thank you for taking the time to review my submission. I know you have plenty of candidates to choose from, but I’m confident that if you select me you will not be disappointed. If you could benefit from a persuasive, sales-minded copywriter, than I would love to set up a time to speak with you and learn more about your company and how I can help you be as successful as possible.

Best regards,

Elizabeth James

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