Sales Letters

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Write Your Sales Letter

Sales Letters – A Proven Tactic to Increase Revenue and In-Bound Leads

For decades, perhaps even centuries, smart business owners have used the sales letter to generate additional revenue and increase in-bound leads. If your sales strategy does not yet include a sales letter, or your current sales letter is not generating enough business, then you should consider hiring a professional to create a persuasive, engaging letter. Sales writing requires a completely different skill set than face-to-face sales. It even requires a different set of skills than most writing. But when done by a expert who knows how to craft a motivating letter and create a sense of urgency, it can be a powerful sales tool. When done correctly, a single sales letter has the potential to generate unlimited revenue. Some of the most successful sales letters have single-handily generated multimillions in sales, making it one of the soundest investments you can make. Not many other forms of advertising can claim to have such an impressive ROI.

The Components of a Successful Sales Letter

The ideal sales letter grabs your reader’s attention with an eye-catching headline that clearly states the benefits of your service. This is your opportunity to convince your reader that you offer a valuable service that will enhance their quality of life. Empathizing with your reader helps to build trust and an emotional connection. You understand what they are going through, and you have a solution to a problem that will improve their daily lives. Building trust allows you to position yourself as an industry leader. Once you’ve connected with your reader and established your position as a trusted adviser, you can now explain all the benefits of your solution. You readers should have a clear understanding of how your service will improve their lives. A good sales letter will leave the reader wondering how they ever went so long without your service. A common sales letter technique is to include a limited-time offer. This creates a sense of urgency and motivates the reader to take immediate action, or risk missing out on this life-changing opportunity. You can’t rely on a tenacious salesman to push for the close. You need to rely on written words to provide the same motivation. Only then, when you have built a connection with your reader, educated them as to how your service will improve their life, positioned yourself as a expert in your field and created a desperate sense of urgency, will your reader be properly primed for an effective call-to-action.

A Quality Sales Letter is Personalized to Your Target Market

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to sales letters. There are many places online that offer sales letter templates – Just fill in the blanks and your your good to go! Well, that’s just not the way this works. Purchasing one of these cookie-cutter templates will  not provide you with the desired results, because it won’t be customized to your target audience. Crafting a successful sales letter requires a solid understand of your target audience. Once you understand what motivates your potential customers, you can create a letter that is relatable, relevant, emotional and motivating. According to a 2013 national study by Janrain on Online Personal Experience, one of the biggest complaints of online consumers is advertisements that aren’t relevant or customized to their interests. A sales letter that isn’t personalized, that doesn’t intimately connect with the reader, can backfire with devastating results. A letter can be beautifully crafted, but if it isn’t relatable and it doesn’t create urgency, than it’s no more effective than a Hallmark card. The power of the written word has unlimited potential to motivate and inspire. Harnessing that power will result in increased lead generation, higher closing rates and more inbound queries.

How I Can Help

I know the power of the written word. I’ve seen it in action many times. When I write a sales letter for a client, I craft each sentence to ultimately serve one purpose: To motivate action. Whether that action is to purchase a product, schedule and appointment or sign up for a newsletter, the techniques I use are the same. I can help your company generate more revenue and increase inbound leads by writing a personalized sales letter that is specifically tailored to connect with your target audience on a intimate level. I know how to create a letter that will convince potential clients the value of your service, while  creating a sense of urgency that will ultimately lead to a higher sales conversion rate. My strong background in technology and B2B sales, as well as in persuasive copywriting, makes me the ideal candidate to write your sales letter. I understand that sales are the key to the success of any business, and I know how to write content that drives those sales. If you feel that your company would benefit from a persuasive, sales-minded copywriter, I would love to speak with you directly. Please call or email today to discuss my rates.

I look forward to learning more about your company and creating an email or letter campaign that will increase your revenue and help your company reach its fullest potential.

Elizabeth James – 310-310-5160

P.s. I know it might be tempting to task a member of your sales team or support staff with writing your sales letter. Trusting this important task to someone who isn’t trained in the nuances of persuasive sales writing can have significant repercussions. A professional, creative, sales-minded copywriter can be the difference between success and failure. A small investment in the right copywriter will dramatically increase your chance of success.

P.P.S. Ask me about developing complete online content campaigns. I can assist you in launching a full-scale internet marketing strategy, including sales letters, email campaigns, newsletters, website content, blogs and social media.

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