Kite Fuel Recovery

Kite-Fuel-FeatureAs featured in KiteSurf Magazine

If you have tried every supplement on the market just to be disappointed by their lackluster performance, you aren’t alone. Well, kite surfers rejoice! Kite Fuel Recovery was designed with you in mind! This cutting-edge formula was created by kite surfers for kite surfers! After too much frustrating downtime due to sore muscles, it was clear we needed a supplement designed specifically for the rigorous activity exerted by kiters. This refreshing, tangy drink combines glutamine, taurine and creatine to help boost muscle recovery and rehydrate your muscles, all while increasing stamina, letting you ride the wind longer and recover faster. The proprietary blend of amino acids, whey protein and just the right amount of carbohydrates, are the essential building blocks for protein synthesis and are proven to reduce soreness after a long day on the water.
The goal at Kite Fuel is simple, less down time due to sore muscles and more time on the water doing the tricks that you love! After trying countless supplements designed for gym freaks and muscles builders, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We created a formula specifically for kiters. The ingredients in Kite Fuel Recovery don’t just make you feel better, they make you perform better. This new formula is a step forward in the kiting community. Kite Fuel Recovery helps your body grow stronger each time you’re on the water, so tricks are easier to land with each session. When you purchase Kite Fuel Recovery, you can feel confident knowing you are purchasing a product designed by fellow kite surfers who actually care about helping you perform your best and not some big corporation trying to tap into the athletic community.
If you want to ride more often, with more energy, Kite Fuel Recovery is the supplement for you! We know that real fitness means more than just hitting the weights every day. Don’t use a supplement that’s designed for gym freaks. Kite Fuel Recovery is more than just a mass builder. Whether you’re competing or riding with friends, it will help you kite for longer and feel strong while doing it. By simply drinking Kite Fuel Recovery after each session, you help eliminate the soreness that your body experiences after all you put it through. Treat your body right so that you can kite for years to come.
To order Kite Fuel Recovery, visit our website at



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