If your Little Princess is having a birthday, adorn her with the fashions that make her feel fabulous! has the hottest line of girl’s birthday apparel that will make her sparkle and shine on her special day! With birthday tees appropriate for ages 1 through 16, offers Miss Month rhinestones tees, Birthday Princess tees and tanks, and for your younger princess, a matching birthday tutu. With adorable sayings that are written in rhinestones, like “Birthday Princess”, “It’s my Birthday” and “Birthday Girl”, these decked out dudes will let everyone know that it’s her special day. Many include popular graphic designs like sparking tiaras and glittery kitties, as well as traditional birthday cakes, balloons and cupcakes covered with sparkles and rhinestones that will make her glitter the way a birthday princess should! With all the light she bring to your life, let her know how much she means to you by giving her the clothes that will make her feel special. The Miss Month rhinestone collection allows you to select the month she was born. So, your “Miss March” can wear her birthday tee all month long and it features an eye-catching, diamond tiara that will light up the room anywhere she goes! specializes in rhinestone apparel appropriate for all ages, from infants to adults. All of the clothing is uniquely designed and features the latest fashion trends for all women. The line is constantly being updated, so that you can stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the current styles. And with reasonable prices and fast shipping, you never have to worry about being out of style! We know that these clothes will quickly become some of your daughter’s favorites. That’s why all the garments are made to last and crafted from the highest quality material. So your angel can wear her favorite outfits time and time again, until you’re ready to replace them.
Kids grow fast. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your princess feel like a million bucks! With these affordable prices, and sizes for every age, you can afford keep her in the latest fashions as she grows. And with designs for Valentine’s Day to Halloween, she can have outfits for any time of the year! If she’s an athlete or a sports fan, you can choice from a wide range of tops and dresses that feature the sport she loves. From cheer-leading to soccer, and everything in between, these sporty clothes also feature rhinestones, letting the world know that she might be a tomboy, but she’s still a little lady. If you’ve got a cowgirl in the family, there is a full collection of sparklingly tees, tanks, dresses, onesies and sweatshirts, featuring Western themed horses, cowboy hats and lucky horseshoes. You’re little cowgirl will add flair and style to the Wild, Wild West.
To take a look at the full catalog, visit and browse the many collections of rhinestone apparel. We make birthday shopping easy! With wide variety of designs, colors and sizes, there is sure to be something that will fit your growing fashionista’s unique sense of style!

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