Zach Deputy, Just Can’t Get Enough

With the announcement of a new local show by Zach Deputy, I thought I would give a brief synopsis of one of my favorite artists. I first heard Zach Deputy during in 2010 at the High Sierra Music Festival. I had just come from face-melting, guitar showdown, out of the world performance from Wide Spread Panic, and really didn’t think I was going to find anything that would even remotely compared to such an epic show, but as I was walking back to my tent, I stumbled across a this odd man, playing his set, not on a stage, but in the middle of the camp grounds, on top of his rented U-Haul trailer. Immediately I stopped to listen. Deputy is a one man, looping artist. He records bits and pieces of sound bites, guitar riffs, beat boxing, combinations of down to up-tempos beat, vocal sample of DJ clips, and blends them together to produce his unique sound that is a collaboration of old-school hip-hop, acoustic and electric guitar, blues and soul and synth beats. His music immediately captures your attention, and I found myself unable to leave while he was performing. Zach has accurately referred to his own music as “”Island-infused, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Gospel-Ninja-Soul”. It’s approachable, catchy, completely originally and it’s nearly impossible not to dance to. Deputy’s unique sound out-shown many of the top headliners at the festival. Each night, more and more people gathered around his U-Haul to join in the fun. He was the standout new performer of the festival and it immediately lead to instant recognition and success on the West Coast. He had already begun to develop a small following on the East Coast. But with songs like Tube Stake, Chicken Pot Pie, and 6 in the Morning, he was an overnight success here in California.

After Deputy’s overnight success, he started playing small venues here in Los Angeles. The crowds have consistently been filled with people who initially saw him in High Sierra and were eager to get more Zach-time here in L.A., and introduce him to their friends who weren’t lucky enough to see his High Sierra performance. Since then, his fan base has considerable grown. Each time he visits, the venues get bigger and bigger and his crowds have increased too. I’m so happy to see that he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. I hope he only continues to gain a larger following. If fans based their favorite musicians on talent alone, Zach would already be a massive success, but we all know that’s not the way it works, many of the world’s greatest artist don’t receive the commercial success they deserve because the music industry does nothing to support talent that hasn’t been molded and created to fit their version of what a pop musician should be (i.e. Brittney Spears or Bieber.)  But I’m so happy to see that there are at least some people out there who are willing to spend the time to dig through the crap to find true high quality, original music. If outsiders would just give a chance, I know they would love it too!

Zach is playing in Hermosa Beach at the Saint Rocke on April 6th. If you love life music, this show is a must. And a small venue like this is where Zach shines. He even stays behind to sign autographs, and a table will be set up to sell his recorded CDs. Once I got him to autograph my poster promoting his debut album, Sunshine, while using my back for stability, lol. I hope I see all of you at this show! Let’s make a goal to have more people in attendance at the Zach Deputy show in April, than any other SoCal concert to date!! We want him to keep coming back over and over! So show your love! Who knows, you just might discover your next favorite musician! I’ll be sure to post my show review after the event!

Check out his website for more tour dates and to listen to some of his recorded work,

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