7 Styles for 7 Days!

Keep Your Style Fresh!Are you constantly reinventing your look? Are you the one all your friends call when they need fashion advice? Are your parents never sure what color your hair is going to be when you go home for a visit? If you’ve answered “Yes” to two or more of these questions, you’re probably a fashionista. You’re not afraid of any fashion. You might be slightly embarrassed by that out-of-date hair style you’re sporting in your senior picture, but at least it shows you stay current and trendy. But even fashionistas can use a little inspiration from time to time. Take a look at these “Seven Styles for Seven Days” and sport a new look every day of the week!


GlamYou may think of Lady Gaga as being the epitome of Glam fashion, but it was actually started in the 70’s by such fashion forward musicians as David Bowie (as Ziggy Stardust of course) and Freddie Mercury (RIP – We miss you Freddie!) Glam entails lots of retro-style clothes (preferable black and white or glittery), a distinct lack of difference between men and women’s apparel, platform shoes are good to have, and lots and lots of glittery makeup (especially around the eyes). To an average girl, it may seem extreme. But to a fashionista, it’s just part of the trade!


LolitaLolita fashion can more accurately be called “Gothic Lolita”. Black, and pink are primary colors in the repertoire. And Victorian, and Gothic garments are the preferred attire. Lace is popular. Makeup is sparse, but bold when applied. Black and red are typically the only makeup colors used. Although the Lolita look is primarily modest, sexuality is often hinted at in subtle ways, like with knee high or over-the-knee socks and a short skirt. Tiny hats, lace parasols and kitten-heels often accompanies the Lolita fashion, as well as black, white or bright red hair.


Like most good fashion, the hippie look gained popularity through musicians. Although people were starting to get a vague sense of what “hippie” meant in the 1960’s, the style really took to life in the 1970’s. Straight hair, bell-bottom jeans, flower embroidered shirts and Native American details really made this fashion style unique. Today, modern Boho fashion is frequently mistaken for Hippie. But Boho is merely a toned-down imitation of Hippie. It’s not as original or fashion forward. Janice Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix are examples of true hippie fashion. Keep their legend alive by keeping the hippie fashion in style!


PreppyPopularized back in the 1970’s as an alternative to those who did not want to be “hippies”, preppy fashion has been generally accepted by the upper class, who don’t want to be radicals. But the style can be fun, sexy and when done right, garner a lot of attention. Short tennis skits, high heels, a man’s suggestive button down shirt, these are all examples of how preppy has helped shape our fashion. Natural makeup tones are used, as well as pigtails, and ponytails. When done right, this fashion is anything but boring.


SkaterFree, independent and never conforming to style. These traits help define skater chicks. Whether you actually skate board or not is irrelevant. If you have an attitude towards authority, but are sensitive to your peers feelings, then you might just fit in perfectly with skater chicks. Cut-off jeans, baseball caps, baggy shirts (and sometimes even pants) make this style unique. Keep makeup sparse. Black eye-liner is mandatory, and red lipstick is common. Converse sneakers, leather wrist bands, and distinct lack of gems or fine jewelry, help to keep skater chicks real.


GangstaIf you like diamonds, tight fitting clothes, lots of jewelry and sharp, noticeable makeup, then this style is just for you. This sexy look will let you show off your tanned legs and tight stomach. The Gangsta look can’t be pulled off with knock-offs, you need to rock this look to pull it off. The Gangsta lifestyle is drenched in luxury and comfort. Metallic colors like gold and silver will help you pull it off. A professional hairdo is mandatory. There is no in-home substitute that will suffice. A manicure is in order, and don’t be afraid to rock the extreme. If you want to own this fashion, self-doubt and insecurities need to be checked at the door.


GirlieFashion like the Victoria’s Secret Pink collection, are prime examples of girlie fashion. Cute, sexy, sometimes comfy, sometimes lacey, as long as they showcase your femininity, it’s all Girlie. Colors that keep within the pink spectrum are preferred. You can even get away with your boyfriend’s white button-down, as long as it hugs your body nicely. Guys love the Girlie look, and why shouldn’t they? It underplays overt sexuality, while staying feminine and still showing off peeks and glimpses here and there. Ponytails and long hair make this look, along with light make up in a neutral or pink tone.


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