Intel Tools for Student-Centered Learning

By providing educators, K-12, with technology-rich teaching resources, Intel has helped pioneer online-education. Intel Tools for Student-Centered Learning are designed to help teachers implement 21st century learning concepts, and are offered free of charge to educators. Intel is allowing teachers to transcend the physical classroom and provide students with online-education that is visual and interactive. These sophisticated tools are designed to address 21st century concerns, preparing students for a hyper-competitive world. With Intel Tools for Student-Centered Learning, teachers are given the resources to design student-centered, interactive lesson plans that will stimulate the student through visual learning. Students learn vital skills like problem solving, critical analysis, collaboration and investigation. The available resources, created for teachers, by teachers, will help educators design lesson plans that are specifically targeted to stimulate and engage the young minds of today. Teachers can enhance their current curriculum with technology-enriched projects that promote student collaboration.

Intel has designed tools to help teachers assess the skills required in the 21st century. With the help of these tools, teachers are able to gauge student understanding and create interactive, engaging lesson plans that will help students become self-directed learners. Teachers can embed assessments throughout lesson plans to gain a deeper understanding of each students development and progress.
Intel encourages educators to pursue professional development by offering a community committed to online-education. With a variety of engaging, interactive tutorials and webinars, teachers can stay ahead of the curve and learn ways to implement 21st century learning concepts. Subjects include, Collaboration in the Digital Classroom, Thinking Critically with Data, Designing Blended Learning, Assessment In 21st Century Classrooms and Inquiry in the Science Classroom.
Intel’s mobile technology offers teachers, K-12, the tools necessary to create an engaging, technology-based learning environment. With planning tips, inspiring case studies, assessment strategies and free Intel® Education apps, online-education has never been so fun! Take the first step today and see how Intel is changing the face of education, one teacher at a time.



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