Education is changing and companies like Quizlet are at the forefront of that change. It may have started out as a simple study tool, but since its Quizletinception, Quizlet has taken the education world by storm, generating about 12 million unique visitors a month, who spend an average of 10 minutes at a time on the site.
Quizlet is the brainchild of Andrew Sutherland, an MIT dropout who was recently recognized on the Forbes “30 Under 30” list. He was only in high school when he had the idea. Sutherland needed help with his French. So he did what countless other students have done and created flashcards. But unlike other students his age, Sutherland was a technical prodigy. He built a computer program that would adapt to his answers, keep track of progress and check for accuracy. His hard work paid off and he aced his French test!
Quizlet works like paper flashcards. There is a question on virtual flashcard, click on the question and the card “flips over” to reveal the answer. But unlike tradition flashcards, Quizlet keeps track of your answers interactively, shuffling incorrect answer back in the deck and managing your statistics. There are multiple option available that cater to a student’s individual learning style. There are fill-in the blank questions, true and false, spelling quizzes and standard flashcards. There is also a game called “Space Race” where users can earn points by entering words before their definition “flies” off screen. Or users can interact with their fellow students in a game called “Scattered”, where users compete to see who can match words with their definitions the fastest.
Quizlet is offered to students and educators free of charge. But for just $10 a year, you can upload your own graphics and logos and use enhanced flashcard features. The Quizlet iPhone app is available for free through iTunes and is now the third most downloaded app in the iTunes store.


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