A Mutual Friend Recommended You For An Exciting Career Opportunity, Free Seminar (Email)

Are your finances a constant concern?

Is the salary at your current job just not enough to cover your monthly expense?
Do you stay up at night tossing and turning because you not sure how you are going to pay the bills?

Discover the Secret to Financial Freedom and Take Control of Your Life Today!

Dear Catherine,

Your name was given to me by a colleague of yours who thought you would be an ideal candidate for this special opportunity. You were identified to me as someone who is creative, hard-working and business minded. But despite all these things, you were one of the millions of American’s affected by the recent economic crisis, by no fault of your own. If you’re looking for a way to reclaim your financial freedom, end your money worries, and create a recurring residual income then I might have the best news you’ve heard all year.

I’m prepared to share a life-changing secret with you that will give you the keys to your financial independence. Stop struggling to make ends meet at a dead-end job. Stop worrying about how you’re going to pay for your kid’s clothes or schooling expenses. Start putting money in your children’s college fund. Start padding your retirement account. Stop throwing money away every month on rent. Buy your house in full – no mortgage, no debt. If all of this sounds like a fantasy that’s just too good to be true, read what Scott Foreman has to say. Less than a year ago, he was just like you. And now he’s debt free and living a life most people think of as just “too good to be true”.

Testimonial: Scott Foreman

“I graduated from college in 2008 with a degree in English Lit. My whole life I was told that if I just went to college, I would be able to find a good paying job. After graduation I applied everywhere. No one would hire me. There were too many other candidates who were just more qualified than me. I wanted to settle down, find a job and marry my girlfriend. But there was no way I could ask her to marry me when I had nothing to offer. Eventually, I took a job at a local coffee shop. I was barely making minimum wage. I had $60,000 in student loan debt and no prospects for making more money. I felt like a total failure. Then one day I opened my mailbox. There was a letter, similar to this one. It offered the promise of financial independence and free registration to an upcoming seminar. I figured, “What the heck?” I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Not really knowing what to expect, I showed up to the seminar skeptical of its pie-in-the-sky promises. What could these people teach me that I didn’t learn in college? I just couldn’t stand the thought that I had been bamboozled my entire life into thinking that I needed to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a college education. How could a three week seminar series be more valuable than the last four years of my life? But since my prospects after college had been so dismal, I swallowed my pride and stuck it out. Afterwards, I was so inspired, I quit my dead-end minimum wage job at the coffee shop and threw all my energy behind this program. The out of pocket expense that I’ve since invested has been a drop in the hat compared to the enormous return that I’ve seen. In fact, I earned over $300,000 the first year! I am living proof that this program works. This past year has been a dream come true. I’m finally making enough money to provide my girlfriend with the life she deserves. I proposed and we are getting married this coming May. I hardly ever work more than 30 hours a week, which allows me to spend quality time with her and take regular vacations. I’ve paid off my student loans. I’ve got a solid retirement plan. Hardly any of my friends even have a saving account! I own my home and two cars outright. And I even bought a house for my parent’s retirement. I fully intend on reaching my own retirement by the time I’m 40. I couldn’t be happier with my new life. And I owe it all, every single penny that I’ve earned, to this program. My only regret is that I didn’t discover this program sooner (like before I racked up all that needless college debt!) My friends are always asking me what the secret to my success is. I tell them that there is no secret, anyone can do it. I’m no Superman. I just put in the required effort and followed this plan to the letter. If you’re struggling like I was, this could be the best decision you’ve ever made. If this program could work for me, I guarantee that it could work for you too!”

Scott’s story is one of the many success stories that you will hear from people who attended our seminar series and learned how to take control of their lives, their careers and their futures. Now they are making more money than they ever dreamed was possible.

Catherine: I want you to be our next success stories.

Parents All Across the United States Raise Their Children to Believe a Lie.

It’s not that they don’t have the best intentions in mind, they most certainly do. All our parents want is for us to be happy and successful. Our society rewards people who follow the “norm”. Grow up. Go to college. Get married. Have a baby. Start a career with a 401k and a salary and a boss. Retire and get a gold watch. Sound familiar?

What Is The Big Lie?

We are programmed from a young age to believe that true success can only be achieved by those who earn a college degree. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that a college education isn’t valuable. But what we’re beginning to see more and more of is smart, hardworking individuals who don’t buy into this cookie-cutter philosophy that everyone needs a college education to be successful. Many people aren’t able to go to college, not because they couldn’t get in, or they aren’t smart enough, because they couldn’t afford it and didn’t want to rack up tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Or, maybe they couldn’t go to college because of personal or family obligations. Whatever the reason, if you are business-minded and hardworking, you can achieve more success than you ever dreamed was possible – without reporting to a boss, punching a time card or even clocking in more than 30 hours a week.

The Burned Out Professional

Have you spent your entire life working for someone else? Maybe you’ve even worked your way up the corporate ladder and manage a staff of your own. But are you truly appreciated for what you do? No matter how hard you work, or how devoted you are to your company, will any of it ultimately be yours? Do they offer you unlimited earning potential? Can you set your own hours? Are you on track for an early retirement? What if all of that time and energy you’re expending, all of those hours that you’ve clock, could be put into your own business? We see countless individuals come through our doors who are simply burned out at their regular jobs. They work their fingers to the bone, putting in 50 to 60 hours a week. They bring their work home and lose sleep worrying about the problems of someone else’s company. Across the board, no one is appreciated to the extent that they should be. Working for someone else is kind of like paying rent. You sink potentially unlimited amounts of time or money into something that will never ultimately be yours. You don’t need to be part of the rat race. If you are as smart as your friend told me you were, then I know you can understand the value of what I am saying.

It’s time to reclaim your freedom. You are being offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Don’t make the mistake of dismissing this as another “Get-Rich-Quick” scheme. This is a legitimate career opportunity that can provide you with the life you’ve always dreamed of. Imagine:

No long commute

No boss

Setting your own hours

Never working more than 30 hours a week

Working from home in your socks and PJ’s

More time to spend with your family

Paying off hefty debts like student loans, mortgages or cars

Retiring early

No heavy sales or cold calling

Frequent vacations

All of this can be yours. It’s not fantasy, or a hoop-dream that only other people can achieve. It’s yours for the taking.

 Not To Long Ago, I Was In The Same Situation As You!

I COMPLETELY Understand How You Feel.

Before I go on, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Brian Welsch. Before I discovered this secret that I’m going to let you in on today, I was just like you. Actually, I was much worse off than you. You see, I never went to college. I married early and had a baby early. I was working for minimum wage and always considered myself “blue collar”. But as I watched my son grow, I knew I needed to make a change. I couldn’t stand the thought of my son growing up and feeling the same limitations that I felt. I wanted him to know that he could do anything he wanted. And I wanted to provide him with a more comfortable life then I had growing up. I wanted to be his role model.

I started looking for better work, but I wasn’t qualified to do anything. I tried every “get-rich-quick” scheme on the market but, to no one’s surprise, none of them made me a dime. Until I came across this program. Now, not only am I “getting by”… I’m thriving. I set my own hours, don’t report to anybody and I’m able to provide my son and my wife with the life they deserve. My wife no longer has to work. We have a house on each coast and I’m able to send my son to the best schools. All because of the secret that I want to share with you today.

Maybe you can relate to my story. Or, maybe you are more qualified than me and you are merely a victim of the latest recession. Either way, there is a better life waiting for you. I’m not going to tell you it’s just going to fall in your lap. See, the thing is… this isn’t just another “get-rich-quick” scheme. You do have to put in the necessarily hours. But, you can set your own schedule, work from anywhere you want and the best part is… all your effort will benefit you and your family. You won’t be putting in thankless hours at some job that will just help pad the bank account of some corporation that will never truly appreciate you. All your hard-work and dedication will be solely to benefit you and your family. If your friend was right and you are as hard-working and devoted to your career as he says, then I know this program is going to be easy for you.

The best part? If you start today, you can start earning money in as little as one month! Start turning your life around today, and start living your dream life in as little as one month!

So, What is this Life-Changing Program that Promises Financial Freedom and Independence?

It would be nearly impossible to explain all of the details and all of the benefits of this program in one letter. That’s why a small group of talented individuals, who have seen firsthand the unprecedented success that this program offers, have organized a three week seminar designed to give you all of the details. You will learn the trade secrets that each one of us has used to create our dream life. During this three week seminar, we will teach you our secrets, help you create a business plan of your own, provide you with the materials you need to get started and provide consulting services for six months after the seminar ends. This will be a full-scale, in-depth training boot-camp that will give you the tools you need to start your new career immediately. Some people choice the safe route and keep their full-time jobs while they get their business up and running. Some people, like Scott, are more motivated to throw all their energy behind this program right away. Whichever path you choose, success will no longer be a matter of “if” but “when”.

We only offer this opportunity to highly intelligent, motivated, business-minded people. People who we trust will understand and follow the program as it was designed, and who will commit to being successful. I trust that you are one of these people. That is why we are willing to offer you free registration for the first week of the seminar. This completely risk-free offer is not extended to many people.

This coming seminar is especially important to us. We are looking to expand our selective group of affiliates to include three or four more business-minded professionals who can see the value our program has to offer. You would still be your own boss. However, by joining our affiliation, you would have the chance to pick our brains and use our combined knowledge to help you launch your business, unlimited consulting for as long as you affiliate with us, access to our Rolodex, inclusion in our advertising and marketing and the opportunity to attended and even speak at our many nationwide seminars. Affiliating with our team of recognized industry leaders will provide you with instance credibility as a subject matter expert. We are expecting over 50 attendees, so I can’t promise that you will be offered a spot on our team. But, I believe that you have what it takes and I would hate for you to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to join the team that invented this ground-breaking program.

Although we could never guarantee your income, I can tell you that I personally have several associates who I introduced to this program who are earning as much as $500,000, $700,000, some are even bringing in over seven figures a year! In fact, just last month I earned $70,000 from the program working only part-time.

Again, I can’t go over all the details in this letter. That is why I encourage you to take advantage of the free registration that we are offering you. You will have a full week to evaluate our program before you commit to paying a dime.

I can promise you that if you do attend, there will never be any pressure whatsoever to continue with our program. Frankly, there are so many interested applicants that there is never a need to pressure anyone.

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If you do not feel that our program has been valuable, we are prepared to offer you a 100% refund. All you have to do is request the refund by the last day of the seminar, and we will refund the entire amount, no questions asked. Yes, you heard that right…

100% Money-Back Guarantee! No Hassle. No Questions. Just Ask!

Don’t Wait. Register Today to Reserve Your Seat!

To make this as easy as possible, I’ve included a link so that you can register right now. This is a limited time offer. If we don’t hear back from the few recipients who we have chosen for this special opportunity, then we will offer your spot to someone else. It’s important that we hear from you in the next three days. But why put it off for that long? Your credit card will not be charged until decide to continue with the seminar. This is a completely risk-free offer. But you need to register soon to secure your spot. Why wait three days? Register now and start planning for your future tomorrow. It won’t cost you a penny!


By clicking on the above link you can reserve your spot for first free week, no commitment, no payment required. Or, you can purchase the entire seminar upfront. We will still wave the first week’s fee AND we will knock 20% off of the last two weeks. This will be the lowest available price. There will not be another chance to purchase the whole program at this price. And remember, during the next seminar in your area, we will be selecting four of five people to affiliate with our prestigious group of industry leaders. Another opportunity like this will not happen for a number of years! Reserve your spot at this life-changing seminar TODAY!

This is a limited time offer!

We are waving the registration fee for the first week of our life-changing seminar to only a select few pre-qualified candidates. We decided to include you on our short-list of candidates only after a friend of yours gave us your information. We reviewed and compared the qualifications of all our nominees before we extended this offer. We are confident that you have the required skills and necessary drive to make the most out of your career and your life. You should count yourself lucky that you have a friend who thinks so highly of you and is so confident in your ability to succeed.

We recently suffered one of the biggest economic meltdowns that our country has ever seen. Almost every person in America was affected by it. But you no longer have to be a victim of circumstance. By registering today, you are taking the next big step in your life, a step you are going to kick yourself for not taking sooner.

Remember, this is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme. It’s not a pyramid scheme. You won’t be required to sign-anyone up, or recruit a team. This is a legitimate career opportunity for business-minded, entrepreneurial individuals. You will be required to work for your income. But I promise you, if you follow the program as it was designed, you will be successful. I know you can do it. If a lazy, uneducated guy like me could do it, I know you can do it.


Brian Welch

P.S. One of the biggest reasons that people don’t take risks or bet on their own success is because they are filled with self-doubt. Don’t let doubt get in your way. I believe you in. Your friend believes in you. You can do this! Sign up today and show the world what you’re made of! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

P.P.S. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So unless you decide to do something different you will never achieve what you truly deserve. If you’ve been searching for a way to create wealth, achieve financial independence and finally get out of the 9 to 5 rut, you owe it to yourself to sign up today for this life-changing seminar. If you ignore this letter and choose not to register today, if you “think about it”, you are statically much less likely to come back within three days. If you miss out on this amazing opportunity, you won’t be any closer to your financial goals. I truly hope you make the decision create the life you’ve always dreamed of, but securing your financial freedom and registering for this life-changing seminar today! REGISTER TODAY!






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