Dr. Pine’s SlimLady – A Weight Loss Supplement for Exclusively for Women

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WOMEN: Are you sick and tired of trying to lose weight with no results?

Have you tried every weight loss and diet program on the market just be disappointed by the lacklustre results?

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Dear friend,
Are you losing sleep over not meeting your weight loss goals? Have you tried every quick fix diet and weight loss supplement on the market, just be let down by repeated empty promises? Do you feel frustrated because even though you’re eating right and exercising, you still can’t shed that extra belly fat?

If your answer is a big and resounding “YES” to these questions, I have exciting news for you, and I promise you will get results… Guaranteed!

This will be, perhaps, the most exciting message that you will read today.

Here’s why…

Believe it or not, you’re about to discover an effective and revolutionary supplement that will give you the extra boost you need to finally shed those unwanted pounds.
Trust me, the system that I have for you is going to dramatically change your life. You will have more energy. You will be in better shape than you’ve been in for years (possible even your entire life!) You will have more energy to play with your children, be able to walk your dog for longer, feel more confident on dates or in social situations. Your entire life will change. You’ll be a happier, more energized, confident YOU! But don’t just take my word for it. Read this testimonial, from someone just like you who, who discovered this secret. Now she is living the dream life she always wanted, in the body she always new she could have.

Testimonial: Catherine Hoffman

“I had been trying to lose weight for years. I even hired a personal trainer. I was eating healthy, exercising regularly and had tried every weight loss supplement on the market. But nothing helped me shed that stubborn baby fat around my tummy. I was embarrassed to wear cute clothes. I didn’t want my boyfriend to touch me around my belly. I hated seeing old friends because I was afraid they’d talk about my weight behind my back. I was even considering surgery. But I decided to try this one last product before I threw my hands up and went under the knife. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to work. Nothing else had, so why would this be any different? But by the end of the first week I was starting to see a difference! Then, the second week my boyfriend noticed! And by the end of the third week… finally, after all these years… I had met my weight loss goals! Now I tell all my friends and family what a remarkable product this is. I’m a loyal customer for life. If you are anything like me, I know you will get a lot out this too. I’m not being paid for this. I have nothing to gain by telling you my story. I’m just so amazed that there is actually a quality product out there that delivers on everything it promises and more!”

A Woman’s Body is Different From a Man’s! Don’t buy supplements designed for a man!

Do you get frustrated because your significant other never seems to have trouble losing weight? Maybe you’ve gone on diets together, and for him the weight just falls off with no problem. But you are left struggling day after day, eating like a rabbit. Yet he indulges in sweets and snacks without repercussions. There is actually a scientific reason that you are left with the weight that he so easily sheds. But there is good news! You now have the tools to even the scale. Once doctors were able to diagnose the problem behind women’s persistent body fat, they were able to create a supplement that targets your problem areas and combats that extra fat.

The truth of the matter is, almost every weight loss supplement on the market was researched on a MAN! But a woman’s body isn’t the same.

Here’s why…
A clinic trial, published by the journal Diabetes, proved that an enzyme is activated in women that increases the growth of visceral fat. This enzyme, which is noticeably absent in men, builds fat around your internal organs increasing your risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes and even heart disease. It also produces a strong hormone which expedites its own growth, causing faster weight gain, which is more stubborn to lose than other types of fat. The worst part? It’s actually caused by something that’s healthy for you: Vitamin A! It’s even more active in woman who have reached menopause. So, what can you do to combat this fat growing enzyme? Certainly you can’t cut Vitamin A out of your diet!

The thing is..
Many women just like you are confused and frustrated when it comes to their stubborn belly fat. We’re all told that diet and exercise are all you need to lose weight. But the fact is, diet and exercise are simply not enough to get rid of this specific type of female body fat. So woman all over keep futilely trying the same techniques, with no results.
But you see, almost no-one realizes that there is actually a simple solution that, when combined with your current diet and exercise, will actually help you lose that extra weight!

Not Too Long Ago I was Suffering From the Same Stubborn Body Fat As You!

I complete understand how you’re feeling right now.
Mainly because a few months ago I was in the very same position you’re in right now.
I had been slim my entire life. Then right after I turned 40, I suddenly had a belly that I’d never had before! I couldn’t get rid of it! My diet hadn’t changed, my exercise hadn’t change. Yet there is was! I tried changing my diet I tried weight loss pills. But nothing made a difference.
I was confused, running in circles trying to find the “magic cure” that would actually help me lose this unwanted weight.
For endless months I tried everything, but nothing made a difference. I spent hours researching different weight loss supplements.

I Almost Gave Up And Threw In The Towel, But Finally I Discovered “Dr. Pine’s SlimLady“.

At first I was skeptical. After all, none of the other supplements I tried worked. But since it came with a 100% money back guarantee, I figured “Why not give it a shot?” I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Within two weeks I was completely convinced. I had finally found a revolutionary method that actually combated the unexplained weight that I had suddenly gained, without changing anything about my current lifestyle!

Every women with extra weight around the middle can use this supplement and will see life-changing results…the kind of results you’re desperately searching for now.

It made such a difference in my life that I wanted to spread the word to as many women as I could reach. I’ve made it as simple as possible for to place your order here, so that you can start changing your life today. Don’t waste valuable time by putting this off. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see results. Maybe you’re like me and the weight seemingly came from nowhere. Or, maybe you’ve been struggling with this problem your entire life. Either way, today is the day to put an end to all your fruitless effort.

Dr. Pine’s SlimLady is the solution you’ve been looking for. This fabulous supplement is proven to work like magic. And if you don’t see results within three weeks – there is a 100% money back guarantee.

It’s a 100% guaranteed way to lose your stubborn fat around your belly and hips. All you need to do it click the button blew to start an effective weight loss plan that will work!

Click Here To Order Dr. Pine’s SlimLady TODAY!

Look, I know that before landing on this website, you already did your research and along the way you heard exaggerated and bold claims. But trust me on this one: Dr. Pine’s SlimLady will unlock the secrets to losing your extra weight.

This Is Very Simple: I’m 100% Confident That This Supplement Will Help You Shed The Extra Weight You’ve Been Trying to Lose For YEARS!

If Dr. Pine’s SlimLady helped me and so many other women to lose belly fat, it will also help YOU.

There’s nothing else like this out there.

The truth is: most women never realize why they have this stubborn fat around their tummies. And without the proper knowledge, they will never know how to combat the problem, resulting in endless hours at the gym with zero results.

But in order to achieve your desired weight loss goals, you need to understand the real problem. This supplement was created by doctors who realized the problem. They figured out that a woman’s body is different from a man’s. And when they figured this out, they were able to find a solution that worked for woman. Women can’t achieve the same weight lose results because our bodies are different. They react different. And now we know why… A pesky little enzyme that won’t let you lose weight simply by diet and exercise alone.

And now that we know the problem, we have a solution. Right here. You can start improving your life by tomorrow! This little investment will have such a dramatically  positive affect on your life, you will want to share it with women everywhere as well!

And do you know what the best part is?

You Can Quickly and Easily Purchase This LIFE-CHANGING Supplement, Dr. Pine’s SlimLady, Right Now!

We couldn’t have made this easier for you!

In order to save you time and money, I made everything possible so that you can order this amazing supplement in less than 20 seconds. And by selecting overnight shipping, you can have your own month’s supply of Dr. Pine’s SlimLady by as early as TOMORROW!
Yes, you heard right! You can easily and safely purchase Dr. Pine’s SlimLady in less than 20 seconds!

With just a few clicks of your mouse you can start improving the quality of your life by as early as tomorrow.

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“Feel 20 Years Younger: 12 Energy-Boosting Tricks You’ve Never Heard Before!”

No need for multiple cups of coffee in a day. No need for pills that make you jittery and nervous. Healthy, natural things you can do that will give more energy than you’ve had since you were in high school!

Are You Ready To Finally Lose That Unflattering Belly Fat?

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Things couldn’t be easier…

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Add To Cart

REMEMBER: You’re ordering the same product that I’ve personally used with fantastic, life-changing results!

The same product that also helped over 20,000 other women (and counting…)

And now it’s your turn.

And the best part? If you order today, Dr. Pine is willing to offer you and incredible discount!

The true value of the complete package you’re getting today (Dr. Pine’s SlimLady PLUS your free copy of “Feel 20 Years Younger: 12 Energy-Boosting Tricks You’ve Never Heard Before!”) is actually worth well over $200.

And let’s be honest: Even at that price this is an absolute steal considering the amazing results you will see.

However, you don’t have to pay that amount of money to enjoy the endless benefits of this product.

Instead, all you have to pay is $50. That’s right… That’s a savings of over $150! But this IS a LIMITED TIME OFFER!

This low introductory price won’t be available forever. It will rise VERY soon. Order today to save money NOW and avoid disappointment in the near future. Isn’t your happiness and the chance to FINALLY realize your weight loss goals worth it? Just imagine finally living the life you’ve always dreamed of. You will look better, feel better and have more confidence, for a low investment of just $50 – an investment in your future!

Testimonial – Christina Skalitt

“My husband and I both agreed we wanted to lose 20 pounds. We started our diets on the same day. Within two weeks my husband had lost 8 pounds, while I had only lost 2 pounds (and my waist size was still the same). Within two months my husband was at his desired weight, but I had barely lost 5 pounds! I was so frustrated. I was embarrassed to go out with him in public. I thought everyone would wonder why he was with me. I increase my gym time, and it did help me gain muscle, but none of my belly fat would leave! After doing lots of research, and trying supplements that got good reviews without success, I finally found this amazing offer for Dr. Pine’s SlimLady. Finally a weight loss supplement designed for a woman’s body – that was actually effective! It’s been six months, and I’ve not only lost 30 pounds – YES 30! – the belly fat that just wouldn’t go away, just melted off! I feel better than I ever have in my life. My husband is proud of me and I feel sexier than ever when we go out in public. Sometimes I even get the feeling he’s showing me off. And I’ve had three kids! Should you try Dr. Pine’s SlimLady? YES, YES, a resounding YES!”

Dr. Pine is SO CONFIDENT in this Life-product that he is making this offer Risk Free by providing a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

If you don’t see results in the three weeks, you can return the product for a 100% refund. To make your return hassle-free, and as simple as possible, you will even receive a pre-paid return envelope with your purchase. He is that confident that you will see undeniable, irrefutable, life-changing results!
This is not a scam, we are real people who have seen results – and with our guarantee, you have nothing to lose, except your unwanted weight. You will Lose Weight – within three short weeks, or your money back.

If you do decide to return the product for any reason, there will be  no hassle and no questions asked. Simply mail it back in the return envelope included with your first shipment. And you can keep your free copy of “Feel 20 Years Younger: 12 Energy-Boosting Tricks You’ve Never Heard Before!”

All you have to do is CLICK HERE to order Dr. Pine’s SlimLady NOW.
You owe it to yourself to do this. It’s it time to put an end to all your futile efforts? Now that you have the knowledge, the power is in your hands!

I hope, now that you’ve had a chance to read this letter and digest all of the ground-breaking information regarding the misinformation we’ve all been fed over the years about women’s weight, you are beginning to see the power of Dr. Pine’s SlimLady. These testimonials you’ve read are all from actual customers – women just like you who had been struggling to lose that extra 20 to 50 pounds. And now their lives are better than they had ever imagined. Losing weight is not just good for your physical health, it improves your overall quality of life, as well as your self-esteem. But it won’t just be your life you’re improving, you’ll be improving the lives of your family and loved ones as well. Imagine having more energy to play with your children, feeling more confident with your husband or boyfriend in the bedroom, going to the beach with your friends and not having to cover up or making excuses to stay home during a girl’s night out, just because you’re self-conscience of your wardrobe. Now, you no longer have to imagine. You’re dream life is just a few clicks away.

Think of all the time and energy you’ve already put into trying to lose weight. Now all that effort will be worth it. Simply by adding this nutritious supplement – the first one designed to target a woman’s unwanted fat – you will start to turn your life around immediately!

I wish you all the best for your future! I’m completely confident that when you see the amazing affects Dr. Pine’s SlimLady  will have on your life, you will want to spread the word to women around the globe as well!

Elizabeth James

PS. Keep in mind, the low price of $50 is not going to last forever. I suggest you place your order today to save money. You might come here tomorrow and find that this price is no longer available.

PPS. Don’t forget about the money back guarantee! In just three short weeks, you will see significant results, or your money back! Order Dr. Pine’s SlimLady today to start your dream life tomorrow! Just CLICK HERE to get started!

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