Newsletter Subscription

Dear Mrs. Mehdi,

My name is Dr. Turley and I’m a pediatrician here in the local Pasadena area. A friend of yours gave me your contact information because you’ve recently be blessed with a new baby. First, I’d like to give you my most heartfelt congratulations. The joy that a new child can bring to your life is unmatched by anything you’ve experienced thus far. Your friend thought you might appreciate receiving my monthly newsletter. It’s filled with all sorts of valuable information that, as new parents, you and your husband might find useful.

I have arranged to send the next few issues to you with my compliments. Included within the newsletter are numerous coupons that will you will no doubt find valuable. I partner with many local business who specialize in baby care and baby products. They have generously offered my patients and newsletter subscribers fantastic discounts on many services and products. I encourage you to take advantage of these many offers. I know firsthand how expensive raising a child can be. That’s why my affiliation of local business has made it our priority to make childrearing as inexpensive as possible for our community members. We want to alleviate any anxiety that might accompany this joyous occasion, so that you can spend quality time with your new family, without the constant worry of money. When visiting with these businesses, please remember to mention that you subscribe to my newsletter.

After the complimentary issues expire, simple return the self-addressed stamped postcard that I will also include each month, and you will continue to receive my newsletter, and all the discounts from my affiliates, for an extremely low monthly cost. As someone who I’ve personally selected to receive these complementary issue, you automatically qualify for 50% discount off the cover price.

You’ve just embarked on the greatest adventure human beings can experience. I feel remarkably blessed to be able to service the community and witness the overwhelming joy of new families. In addition to my newsletter, I run a full service pediatrics medical practice. When it’s time for your baby to see a doctor, I would be happy to extend my services to your family. I work with almost every type of major insurance company and I’m sure that will find my service to exemplary. I would be happy to supply you with references if desired. If you need any assistants, or if I can offer any further advice, please do not hesitate to call. Enjoy every day in the presence of your precious new baby.


Dr. Kathleen Turley



P.S. If you have any questions about the information provided in my newsletter. Please, contact my office. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

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